Diversifying Asian value chains

Opportunities for Swiss companies in India, Indonesia and Southeast Asia

In a recorded webinar, a roundtable of specially selected experts demonstrate why India, Indonesia and ASEAN could be attractive for Swiss companies and their diversification of value chains in Asia.

Watch the webinar teaser now:


The Corona pandemic has shown that being dependent on a single country or having globally dispersed production and supply chains entails high risks. Companies around the world are now having to rethink their strategies and interdependencies and are planning work and production to withstand future crisis situations.

What contribution can India, Indonesia and ASEAN make? Beat Ineichen, Senior Consultant South Asia, Australia and New Zealand, discusses this with a top-class panel at a virtual roundtable:

Renee Koh, Head of Swiss Business Hub ASEAN

"The ASEAN countries' economies are getting back on their after the crisis. We're on our way back to normality."

Feranica Susanto, Senior Trade Officer Swiss Business Hub Indonesia

"Indonesia is the largest economy in the ASEAN region. Thanks to its development, infrastructure, foreign investment and strategic location, the country offers excellent opportunities for Swiss companies."

Anton Santoso, President Director PT. Santoso Teknindo (STI)

"Indonesia is working on many levels to improve the climate for business and investment."

Tarun Gupta, Managing Partner T&A Consulting

"In the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors, India has proven that it can produce goods of the highest quality. The country doesn't necessarily represent an alternative to China, but it is certainly a complement to it."

Klaus Maier, Managing Director Maier+Vidorno

"India is the land of big numbers. The country presides over the political stability that investors so covet. Its industry is growing at a tremendous rate."

Sarojini Vasant, LTO Swiss Business Hub India

"India is doing everything possible to ensure that foreign investors' business doesn't stagnate, regardless of whether we're suffering a pandemic or any other crisis."

You can watch the entire discussion, as well as the answers to audience questions, in the video of the webinar "India and Indonesia as an example of the Asian value chain diversification".


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