The new challenge - digital relationship management

How can relationships with customers and business partners be maintained digitally, how is digital trust created? This is discussed in the webinar “How to manage partners digitally”.

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected us in many ways: For example, it has become difficult or even impossible to meet business partners and customers in person. Many business appointments have shifted to the virtual world, and travel has decreased significantly. But especially in difficult times, proximity to stakeholders is actually of the utmost importance.

This webinar, chaired by Mark Untersander (Head of Trade Point Chile Switzerland Global Enterprise), will discuss current challenges and opportunities related to digital customer relationship management.

The guests are:

Dietmar Treichel (Director of Institute of Communication & Leadership IKF Lucerne)

“Building relationships in the virtual world requires new skills,  which we need to learn first.”

Dirk Reuter (Director Int. Sales ECNE Sigvaris Group)

“We are also trying out new things. We do not necessarily stick to solutions, but also meet with customers and medical staff virtually.”

Julia Vogel (Head of Digital Prod. Management Switzerland Global Enterprise)

“In order to build trust, it is very important to listen to the customers and to disregard prejudices.”

Watch the entire webinar “How to manage partners digitally” in the video: 


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