Cybersecurity ecosystem: actual dynamics in Spain, France and Italy

Understand the context in those countries and identify business opportunities

Cybersecurity concerns states, businesses, researchers and private people equally. In our webinar we have a look into political cyber security measurements in Switzerland, Spain, France and Italy.

Watch the webinar teaser now:


In the spirit of health protection by working from home, many companies moved their data to extern servers, which has made them vulnerable for cyber-attacks.

The first problem about cyber security is as obvious as simple: Comparing pre-online days stealing and today’s cyber-crimes, it becomes obvious that manually stealing was quite more effortful; you actually had to undetected sneak off with a case, bag or something alike. Nowadays all you need is the know-how to hack digital information. Consequently, the only way to efficiently fight it is with know-how, too. In the past years, Spain, France and Italy have made great progress regarding their cyber security market and systems in both public and private sectors. Also Switzerland increased its efforts with the National Cyber Security Centre.

Do you want to learn more about the various standards and measurements in the respective countries? Watch the webinar video where, among others, Marc Henauer, Head of the Operation and Information Centre MELANI, introduces the Importance of Cybersecurity in an overall context. The following experts are featured in the webinar:

  • Martina Gmür, Head of Export Promotion and Member of the Executive Committee, Switzerland Global Enterprise
  • Marc Henauer, Leiter Operation und Information Centre MELANI, Nationales Zentrum für Cybersicherheit (NCSC):

“There is no need anymore for stealing suitcases or bags or stuff, you can now do that digitally.”

  • Guillem Vals Garcia, Deputy Head Swiss Business Hub Spain:

“Public administration leadership in Spain developed late but has made great progress in the past five years.”

  • Patrice Jacquier, Head of Swiss Business Hub France:

“How can swiss companies take advantage of the French cyber security skills? The challenge is to rebalance power with customers and create value in the security solutions and offer a specific advantage.”

  • Stefan Zwicky, Head of Swiss Business Hub Italy:

“Italy is one of the most important business partners of Switzerland; actually, it is on the third place, in- and exports both included.”



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