Selling to Canada and the USA thanks to digital channels – this is how it works

E-business in North America is growing and growing. The webinar "E-Commerce guide for Canada and USA" shows why this region can be interesting for Swiss companies and what they need to pay attention to.

Watch the webinar teaser now:


The e-commerce retail sector in Canada and the USA is experiencing a strong upswing. In Canada, an ever-increasing number of purchases is being made on the Internet, while the USA already represents one of the largest e-commerce markets worldwide. And the corona crisis didn't change anything here, on the contrary: It fueled this trend.

What is the domestic competition like in the two countries, what about logistical barriers, supply chains, legal frameworks, and what are the latest trends in e-commerce in the two countries?

Annina Bosshard (Consultant USA & Canada Switzerland Global Enterprise) receives answers from a group of top-class experts:

Michel Greiche (Trade Officer Swiss Business Hub Canada)

"In the Canadian e-commerce market, there is still plenty of room for additional suppliers."

Monica Schirdewahn (Lawyer Lette & Associés)

"Every province in Canada has its own laws regarding online commerce."

Christian Sivière (CEO Solimpex)

"Because of the free trade agreement between Switzerland and Canada, it's very easy to serve the US market from there."

Stewart Tipson (Head Export Promotion Swiss Business Hub USA)

"There are three ways to enter the North American online market: Have your product distributed by an established dealer, sell it yourself via an online marketplace, or design your own sales portal."

Further exciting aspects can be seen in the video of the webinar "E-Commerce guide for Canada and USA".


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