Test + Scale your Business in Switzerland

Switzerland proves to be a lucrative place for testing and developing tech products and services.

S-GE 2021 Test and Scale Webinar

A central location, highly skilled talent, pragmatic governmental policies and strong research facilities are just some of the factors that convinced global companies such as GoogleMicrosoftIBM to transfer central functions of their business to Switzerland. The unique collaboration with leading companies, startups and research institutions provides a unique platform to innovate, test and deploy products in a real-world environment.

The legally secure and decentralized political environment allows companies to host and validate their data for new technological services and products in the fields of blockchain, AI and robotics. Choosing Switzerland means you profit from platforms that allow you to test in real-world environments and transfer these learnings quickly to the European market.

Your Project Could Be Next!

Kickstart supports you in scaling your business in Switzerland by facilitating a yearly open innovation program that brings together later-stage startups with various stakeholders in order to build meaningful partnerships and foster deep tech innovation.



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