Webinar recording: Grand, Grander, “Grand Paris Express”

Western Europe’s largest infrastructure project seeks specialists from Switzerland

The French capital is currently implementing the largest infrastructure project in Western Europe. “Grand Paris Express” is set to double Paris’s Métro network over the next few years. Support and innovative spirit are also being recruited from abroad. What skills are required? How can Swiss companies participate? Our webinar recording will fill you in – in detail and free of charge.

grand paris express

For the population and the environment
Paris is setting new standards with its "Grand Paris Express" mega-project: by 2030, around 200 additional kilometers of rail lines and 68 stations will be added to the 220 kilometers already in use – in the form of an underground circle line around the French capital. The expansion is intended to relieve traffic during rush hours; four new Métro lines will offer passengers alternative routes. In addition to better linking the two airports, Orly and Charles de Gaulle, with each other, it will also connect the residential areas of the greater Île-de-France region more closely to the metropolis. This optimized transport link for the banlieues is intended to resolve social tensions and promote the development of economic strength and quality of life. The environment is also set to benefit; "Grand Paris Express" is expected to massively reduce CO2 emissions.

Swiss innovative spirit in demand
The organizer of the project, La Société du Grand Paris, is relying on support and innovative spirit from abroad to help implement this superlative infrastructure project. Thanks to the NEAT project, Switzerland has an excellent image and can score highly in this regard. Several Swiss companies are already involved in the largest infrastructure project in Western Europe, and more are being sought. Specialists in fields like...

  • Engineering
  • Structural/Civil Engineering
  • Electricity
  • HVAC
  • Timber Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Landscape Architecture/Parking
  • Green Roofs
  • Special works - everything related to innovation in relation to railway station

"Grand Paris Express" webinar
Does your company also want to be part of the largest infrastructure project in Western Europe? Our free webinar recording is a step in the right direction. Representatives from Société du Grand Paris will give you detailed information about the mega-project. You will learn what skills will be needed next in Paris and how to apply.


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