Export Workshop

Export Workshop

In a workshop tailored to your needs, you will acquire important skills in all aspects of internationalization. No matter whether you are a first-time export or want to deepen your knowledge.

We want to prepare you and your organization for export and develop the necessary skills for the internationalization of your company together with you.

Focus on your needs

You can choose the format and duration freely. You decide whether you want to work with a consultant from S-GE or with a local expert, or whether a combination of these best suits your needs.

What you can expect

Typical topics for a workshop are listed below; we are happy to customize the offer for you on request. The sessions build on one another logically and can be booked either individually or as a series:

1. International business model

When preparing to export, the first step is to have a clearly defined business model for export. The following questions must be answered:

  • Who is the primary target group for the products or services?
  • How does the buying and decision-making process work for the primary target groups?
  • Which starting points influence the decision-making process?
  • What does the business model for exports look like?

2. Choice of export market

This is followed by a definition of which markets offer promising potential for the company. The following questions must be answered:

  • What factors determine whether an export market has sufficient potential?
  • What general conditions must be in place in order to develop successfully in a particular market?
  • What information is relevant to evaluate a market according to the criteria?

3. Planning the market launch

Subsequently, the possibilities for a market entry are examined on the basis of a concrete example. The following questions must be answered:

  • What options are there for specifically testing markets?
  • Is it necessary to have business partners abroad? What requirements must these fulfill?
  • How does cooperation with local partners work?

4. First steps in the market

Finally, the impact of the export business model on the existing organization is examined. The following questions must be answered:

  • How do you have to organize yourself in the target country’s market to ensure successful market development?
  • Which processes need to be reorganized to integrate export activities?

Registration: Export Workshop

What opportunities does your company have in the target market? Our advisers and country experts address your export plans individually in an initial personal consultation session.


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