Comprehensive market analysis

Comprehensive market analysis

Market Indicator

Gives companies very basic information about a market. This includes desk research and the know-how/knowledge of the Swiss Businesss Hubs/Trade Points.

Market Flash

Provides companies with an initial informal assessment of the opportunities that exist for their products/services in a target market. To this end a number of experts are interviewed based on predefined questions. The results are summarized in a brief statement.

Finding the rights markets

Offers the development of an internationalization strategy, provides an analysis of the USPs of a company’s products or services, identifies the markets that a company should approach, and gives advice on how and in which priority the market entry should be done. This product is offered in cooperation with a business consulting company.

Customer/Industry Analysis

Gives an insight into the set-up of an industry segment as well as the trends, key players, key customers, distribution channels, etc.

Competition Analysis

Gives an insight into the conditions of competition for a company in a specific market. The analysis includes international as well as national competitors and/or competitive products.

Product Analysis

Clarifies the market requirements that exist for a product/service. This may include registration regulations, national legislations and approvals, import taxes, etc.

Store Check

Gives an insight on how a product is displayed at a sales point in a country. Factors like package size, shelf location, pricing and the like can be reviewed.

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