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Comprehensive export consulting services to support Swiss companies in their international business.


Your path to international success: Our customized export consultations and global network in over 130 markets will open up new opportunities for your business.

Thanks to our many years of expertise, we are a reliable partner for international expansion. We offer free consultations per target country, region or industry and give you the opportunity to obtain some initial information and discuss your export plans without obligation.

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Our expertise covers a wide range of topics in order to offer you comprehensive and customized support:

Development of international business strategies

Our various coaching services offer you the opportunity to collaborate with us on the development of your international business model. Our support ensures that your business strategy is efficiently aligned to maximize your growth potential.

Market evaluation and market analyses

Our market analyses are customized assessments that incorporate both quantitative and qualitative data. They provide an overview of your local competitors, decision-making channels and the general market environment. In short: you will gain a solid foundation for your strategic decisions.

Business partner search

We can help you identify and select suitable distribution partners, suppliers, customers or joint venture partners that match your requirement profile. Our targeted partner search makes it easier to find the right partners for your business.

Connecting with business partners

Our customized activities, such as events, offer you the opportunity to make valuable contacts in the target market and build strategic relationships. We bring together potential business partners, customers, experts, associations and local government officials. These events are tailored to the needs of your company and serve to expand your network in the target market.

Legal consulting

We will support and advise you in all legal matters related to your target market. We can connect you with the right legal experts for contractual matters with your business partners, provide general advice on legal issues (mitigation and litigation) and ensure your rights in the target market. If required, we can even attend your meetings with legal experts to ensure that all the relevant questions are asked, understood and answered.

Tax consulting

We provide support and advice on all aspects of tax in your target market. On request, we will gladly connect you with a consultant from our network of experienced tax experts, who will ensure that your tax structure is efficient and compliant. We offer assistance with tax planning, transfer pricing and double taxation issues to ensure that your tax affairs are correctly organized.

Regulatory affairs consulting

We offer regulatory consulting services to ensure that your business practices comply with local requirements (licenses, product registration, standard operating procedures, etc.). If required, we can also arrange for an expert to conduct a mock inspection.

Employment law consulting

We will support and advise you on all employment law matters in the target market. Together, we will make sure that your employment practices comply with all the local legal requirements. If required, we can also connect you with the relevant experts for your specific employment law concerns (including contractual matters).

Go-to-market strategy

We can help you develop a go-to-market strategy for your target market. Our advice is based on your desired positioning, a careful analysis of your competitors, and an evaluation of the margins in the distribution channel or the distributors in your export market.

Supply chain optimization

We will help you optimize your supply chain, so that you can benefit from increased efficiency, reduced costs and an improved delivery capability. Our optimization strategies will help you operate successfully in highly competitive environments.

Support in the export market

We provide support in your target market in the areas of sales, HR, administration, marketing and events. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business.

Establishment of subsidiaries

We offer assistance with all aspects of establishing a foreign subsidiary and can carry out location evaluations to help you choose the right site. Our expert support will ensure you get off to a successful start in your target market.

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Export consulting

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