Swiss International Trade Community

The Swiss International Trade Community consists of organizations that wish to offer internationally active Swiss companies support that is optimally tailored to their needs so that they can be internationally successful.

Swiss International Trade Community

Who we are
The Swiss International Trade Community is an open export promotion ecosystem. Organizations that support internationally active Swiss companies in their internationalization and thus contribute to strengthening Switzerland as an industrial location are welcome to join. These include (industry) associations, chambers of commerce, federal organizations, economic development agencies and experts.

Our vision and mission
Our common vision is to enable internationally active Swiss companies to receive support from the International Trade Community that is optimally tailored to their needs in order to be internationally successful. 

To this end, we are creating a platform to jointly assess customer requirements and to continuously develop the range of support services through targeted communication and dialog. The platform will allow us to identify synergies and pool strengths in order to launch initiatives and cooperation projects among suitable members. 

Our modus operandi
The Swiss International Trade Community meets four times a year: three times in a virtual call with an operational focus for all Community members, once in the form of a physical stakeholder meeting with a strategic focus for institutional members (associations, chambers of commerce, federal government and associated organizations, economic development agencies without experts). The focuses and the strategic orientation of the Community are determined by its committee. Its members represent the Community as a whole. The composition of the committee is reviewed once a year. As the official Swiss organization for export promotion and location promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise assumes the leading role. 


  • The customer is at the center. We serve his needs together and refer him to the right place according to our strengths (“no wrong door policy”).
  • We cultivate a trusting relationship based on partnership and share experience and knowledge with each other.
  • If there are needs that are not covered by the Community, we will promote the launch of cooperation projects through our dialog and exchange platform. These projects are implemented by individual members of the Community and their respective cooperation partners.
  • To exploit synergies, we will coordinate our activities and involve each other where appropriate.
  • We are committed to a strong international trade.

How can I get involved?

Are you interested in joining us? Then please contact Barbara Müry Erni, Head of Partnering + Events Switzerland Global Enterprise.


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