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Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare is a rising innovation ecosystem in the Canton of Aargau that boasts large-scale, state-of-the-art research facilities.

Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

Situated in close proximity to the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and its state-of-the-art large research facilities, Switzerland Innovation Park innovaare (SIP innovaare) is an ideal place for technology-driven companies to achieve their next breakthrough. Here rises a sustainable innovation ecosystem where the results from basic research in the fields of advanced materials and processes, humans and health, energy, and applied accelerator technologies can be quickly transformed into high-tech products and solutions.

SIP innovaare creates the best possible conditions for industrial R&D. It offers companies of all sizes state-of-the-art high-end infrastructure (labs, cleanrooms, workshops, and offices) with unique properties such as temperature and humidity control and vibration-free environments; connect companies with the academia and industry experts, governmental officials, and a network of highly specialized suppliers to help them find the right partner faster; provides them tailor-made and need-oriented support program and promotion and funding opportunities.

SIP innovaare’s fosters technology and know-how transfer, interdisciplinary collaborations, and open innovation and is committed to accelerate innovation. As a part of this commitment, the park together with CERN, PSI, and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) launched a new entrepreneurship program: the Swiss Business Incubation Centre (BIC) of CERN Technologies.


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