Trade Fair and Project Committee (TFPC)

Export promotion takes place amongst increasingly globalized competition. In order to support the market presence of Swiss companies, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO provides subsidies which can be utilized for joint promotions abroad.

Trade Fair and Project Committee

The Trade Fair and Project Committee (TFPC) is deployed by SECO and S-GE in order to effectively and efficiently use the subsidies. The TFPC is made up of five to seven members who represent major industries and sectors of the Swiss export economy and who themselves have experience of trade fairs and events and/or of the regions in question. Each year, the TFPC supports around 90 projects, which are run by associations, chambers of commerce, S-GE, and other organizers in many markets around the world. The export efforts of well in excess of 1,000 companies are therefore effectively supported.

Members of the Trade Fair and Project Commitee (TFPC):

  • Peter E. Naegeli, MPK-Präsident, Implement Consulting Group Zürich
  • Fabienne Meyerhans, Messe Luzern
  • Carina Steiner, Aargau Services Standortförderung
  • Cornelia Buchwalder, Swissmem 
  • Regula Buob, SoftTec
  • Christian Ernst, CEO WorldConnect AG
  • Selim Grobéty, Toni Küpfer SA 
  • Stephan Oetiker, BURRI public elements AG, Generis AG

Support for trade fair projects abroad:
Competent organizers of trade fair participations and market development actions (project sponsors) may receive funding provided that the project has a significant and substantial impact on a sector or a group of companies. Projects always include a “company-based” and a “non-profit-making” part. The former includes the participation costs of the companies taking part, and the latter includes the sector advertising measures. The subsidies are intended to support the non-profit-making part of a project, i.e. those services which benefit an entire sector or the Swiss economy in general. Support for individual companies is excluded.

Support for further funding activities: 
Changes to the market environment have led to demand for further funding activities which aim to support exporting SMEs. The Trade Fair and Project Committee is also able to support the following formats: 

  • Supporting events and events as part of trade fair appearances
  • Formats with the nature of a trade fair
  • Hybrid, virtual, and digital trade fair formats

Projects which are innovative and exemplary can now also be supported, as can those which represent a flagship role in export markets or which largely focus on promoting networks and cooperations. An additional focus is on projects that achieve synergies through cooperation and networking. All projects must serve the overarching goal of promoting export. The key focuses and criteria can be seen in Overview_funding-activities_projects. 

The TFPC regulations valid from 1/1/2021 contain information on aspects such as who can apply for contributions, which funding activities are eligible for support, and which requirements must be met. 

How can I submit projects for trade fairs and other market promotion measures?
Templates exist for applications for project contributions, which must be submitted, duly completed, to the Trade Fair and Project Committee office ( 

What has to be done following the conclusion of a project?
Upon conclusion, the project sponsor has to evaluate the success of the project in a final report. The definitive project accounts (incl. all of the relevant appendices in accordance with the regulations) must be submitted to the office within three months of the project ending. 

When can projects be submitted?

There are three binding submission deadlines each year:

  • January 31 
  • May 31 
  • September 30 

In the following weeks, the Trade Fair and Project Committee meets and decides on the applications received. The office will then inform the applicants.


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