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Travel Risk Map: Country Overview

The updated map of International SOS, designed by medical and safety experts, shows the current risk ratings of all countries in an overview. 

Travel Risk Map

International SOS just published the annual Travel Risk Map for the year 2022. Designed by medical and security experts, the map gives organisations a comprehensive understanding of the risks related to the markets in which they operate and travel to. It displays each country’s respective up-to-date medical, security, and road safety risk ratings, resulting in a thorough overview of risks by destination.

Syria, South Sudan, and Iraq have been identified as some of the countries rated ‘extreme’ in terms of travel security risks. Venezuela, Haiti, and North Korea are among the countries with ‘very high’ medical travel risks. Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and South Africa are included among those with a road mortality rate of more than 25 for every 100 000.
Conversely, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Northern European countries*1 - along with Switzerland, Luxemburg, and Slovenia – are at low risk across all three categories. Denmark, Finland, and Norway, are amongst the countries combining a ‘low’ travel medical risk, an ‘insignificant’ travel security risk, and a road mortality rate inferior to 10 per 100 000.
Central and Southern-European countries differ in regards to their travel security risk levels. Similarly to Sweden; France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, etc, have a ‘low’ travel security risk rating.

* excluding Sweden rated with a ‘low’, and not ‘insignificant’ travel security risk, and Greenland with a ‘Medium’ travel medical risk rating



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