Working with s-ge as an export service provider

Do you also support the international business of Swiss and Liechtenstein companies with your services? Here’s how you can become part of our network.

Als Exportdienstleister mit S-GE zusammenarbeiten

Basic coordination and networking

We would be pleased to hear from all players who offer Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs added value in their international business so we can coordinate our activities. Depending on the synergy potential, we can work more or less closely together. If you are interested, please contact us.

In addition, any player providing services to exporting SMEs can have their profile displayed in our network overview and register in the Expert Directory.

Information provision for exporters

One important task that Switzerland Global Enterprise performs is providing exporters with information – to inspire them to pursue new export projects, to support them methodically in entering the market or to inform them about specific individual opportunities. All current articles and publications can be found here. We also send a monthly newsletter to exporting companies.

Are you an expert in export or do you know an important target market for Swiss and Liechtenstein exporters particularly well? S-GE is happy to publish editorial articles from private export service providers, provided that they offer a clear added value for exporting SMEs. Send us an email to the “Information” team via with the following keywords:

  • Subject of the article
  • What can SMEs learn from the article with regard to optimizing their international business? In one sentence.
  • Possible delivery date and approximate length

We’ll gladly let you know the extent to which your contribution can be included in our editorial planning.

Private export service providers can use this form to have their Switzerland-based information event entered in the S-GE event calendar.

S-GE also organizes many information events itself. If you are interested in becoming an expert at one of our events, please contact the “Events” team at We will gladly review your request.

Cooperation with export service providers within the scope of individual export projects

The majority of our services are free of charge, such as information from ExportHelp, initial consultations or the provision of up-to-date country and industry information. A smaller part of S-GE’s services consists of mandates from exporting SME who wish to analyze a market individually for themselves or who are looking for a local business partner. Here you will find an overview of our services. 

S-GE charges for these company-specific mandates on a cost-covering basis. For the vast majority of projects, we involve third-party service providers to enable us to offer exporters the best possible expertise. 

If you would like to contribute your services to individual customer projects, please register in our Expert Directory at the following link.

If you have a specific country focus as an export service provider, you can also contact our S-GE country managers directly. For international export services, contact Alberto Silini, Export Consulting Manager.

Expiry of consulting mandate

A consulting mandate always begins with a request for support from an exporter. 

If the project is very small in scope and can be handled most efficiently by S-GE or the Swiss Business Hubs themselves, we support the company without the involvement of third parties. Normally, this is only the case for a few small-scale projects per year.

In all other cases, depending on the support requirements and the need for different types of expertise, we enlist external experts on the basis of the entries in the Expert Directory and the network of our country specialists and Swiss Business Hubs. 

These experts submit a corresponding offer, which is included in the overall offer for the exporter. Together with the exporter, we define the individual tasks to be performed by the expert or S-GE depending on the project, as well as the time schedule. Depending on the need for support, it may also happen that S-GE provides practically no services, but passes the order on directly.

The final decision for the offer package is always made by the customer who places the order.

Cooperation with experts

In order to identify the right expert for the commissioning company, we follow the criteria below. We combine these with the experience gained from past joint customer projects. There must be clear added value for the customer in the context of the specific project. The final decision is always made by the exporter who places the order.

  • Country expertise: knowledge of the relevant export market from individual consulting projects, a longer stay in the country, other intensive experience in the country, or the export market is even the expert’s homeland
  • Industry expertise: industry-specific and cross-industry knowledge and experience
  • Company, network, cooperation: the expert must have the necessary resources (number of employees, branches, cooperation partners, etc.)
  • Topic expertise: expertise, professional commitment or training, further training, experience
  • Methodological expertise: problem-solving mindset, conceptual approach, abstract and networked thinking, analytical ability, ability to formulate goals, methodological knowledge, methodological experience
  • Implementation skills: verifiable implementation skills from other projects, quality of verifiable references, certifications
  • Project management expertise: scheduling, ongoing project controlling, ongoing project communication, project management experience
  • Offer/documents: individual offer for the respective export project, recording of the problem, goals, approach, creativity of the problem solution, feasibility of the problem solution, schedule, milestones, project communication, costs for the exporter, other conditions, general quality of the documents
  • Good cost-benefit ratio at SME level

S.a. Registration conditions for the Export Directory.

Long-term cooperation with export service providers

If you are interested in long-term cooperation, such as the development of joint services, joint projects or the implementation of events, S-GE will be happy to assist you at any time: we regularly work with various players, be they private individuals, industry associations or chambers of commerce. Due to the different nature of the various projects, cooperation is also extremely varied in this regard. If you are interested, please contact Alberto Silini, Head of Export Consulting.

Cooperation with bilateral chambers of commerce

The bilateral chambers of commerce act as integral service providers for exporters’ projects and work together with S-GE at various locations to implement customer projects, network events and industry-specific services. Some of these services range from the implementation of trade fairs in the target country to the initiation of new business opportunities on site.

To carry out these services, the bilateral chambers of commerce must have the necessary resources and local knowledge. The key criteria for cooperation with S-GE are therefore the setup of the bilateral chambers of commerce in the target country, in particular the available human resources, which can be used for export promotion. Depending on the scope of the cooperation, the bilateral chambers of commerce are remunerated from the export promotion budget made available to S-GE by SECO.


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