Webinar: how to access the food retail mass market in France

Webinar: how to access the food retail mass market in France

Understand the mass retail structure of the French food market and how to deal with buyers as a Swiss company

Discover strategies for enhancing performance in France’s food retail mass market. Our webinar reveals how to gain a presence in the mass retail market and forge relationships with buyers. Learn the expectations and rules Swiss suppliers must adhere to.


This two-part webinar will first deliver a comprehensive overview of the food retail mass market in France, followed by an in-depth discussion of best practices for approaching and negotiating with buyers. Get insights from industry experts on how Swiss premium products and private labels can break into the French market.

In the first half, specialists from Sutralis will present an overview of the main food retailers by geography and strategic orientation, with a focus on how Swiss companies can better position themselves. Participants will learn the key differences between integrated and independent retailers and how the opposing systems affect budget and sales organization. There will also be a deep dive into different store formats, including new and rising formats such as e-commerce and darkstores. Discover the profiles of each format, who their customers are and which products they sell.

Bringing Swiss products to France’s food retail mass market

The second part of the webinar will focus on the practicalities of entering the French food retail mass market, from approaching a retail buyer or category manager to secure a listing, to the necessity of maintaining a presence in store after a first listing. Find out how to prepare when meeting category managers or buyers, learn tools and techniques to approach them and get recommendations for the negotiation phase up to and after listing. Our speakers will also share hints on boosting visibility in French stores, with real-world examples. Understand the importance of the planogram and discover new promotion mechanisms and in-store activities ideal for Swiss businesses.



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Audiencia objetivo Swiss and Liechtenstein companies
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Costo de participación free of charge

You will receive your login details for the webinar by email one day before the webinar at 2pm (CET) and again on the day of the webinar at 8am (CET).

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After the webinar you will have the chance to have a 1:1 conversation with the expert Nathalie Lopez and our consultant Bastien Bovy. 
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Welcome and introduction to the topic

Bastien Bovy, Switzerland Global Enterprise | Patrice Jacquier, Head of Swiss Business Hub France

Understand the mass retail structure

Nathalie Lopez, Sutralis

How to deal with retail buyers

Nathalie Lopez, Sutralis




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