Industry Report

Cleantech in Peru: Opportunities for Swiss SMEs

A diversified and growing market

Peru has adopted legislation to promote sustainability. Particular measures are foreseen for conservation and sustainable use of water, environmental management of mining, overall waste management including plastic packaging, disposal of electric and electronic equipment, transition toward electric mobility and Renewable Energy Resources (RER).

reflection of windmill in solar panel

Peru’s needs in clean technologies are considerable and the report sheds light on business opportunities for Swiss SMEs in Peru focusing on eight areas:

  1. Sustainable agriculture and counterfeit agrochemicals
  2. Sustainable water management
  3. Sustainable mining and protection from natural disasters
  4. Resource and material efficiency (including waste management and recycling)
  5. Sustainable mobility and energy efficiency
  6. Renewable energies
  7. Environmental technology services
  8. Environmental technology for textiles.

The demand for Cleantech technologies in Peru will grow exponentially over the coming years to meet big challenges associated with climate change, pollution, energy, waste and water. Swiss SMEs are well positioned in all these areas with high-quality, highly-performing and reliable Cleantech products and services. Market entry will continue to require support to overcome procedural barriers, understand local culture and choose the best local partners.

The study has been divided in two parts for better understanding: one, focusing on Swiss cleantech products that are offered in the international market (Part 1) and the other part, related to doing business in Peru, main possibilities and challenges (Part 2).

Cleantech in Peru - A Diversified and Dynamic Market