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Green Hydrogen in Chile: How Swiss SME's can contribute and benefit

Get to know the opportunities this new hype offers for Swiss SME's in Chile


International studies show that Chile's enormous wealth of renewable energy would allow it to produce the most competitive green hydrogen on the planet, which can be used for the local industry, but also exported on a large scale to the big markets. This offers opportunities for innovative and reliant Swiss suppliers.

Green Hydrogen

According to experts, today we are in an unprecedented global moment to develop green hydrogen. This is thanks to three important drivers: decarbonization, reduction in the costs of technologies and government strategies. The global market size for this energy source is expected to be US$ 2.5 trillion by 2050. Based on its excellent natural conditions, Chile is setting up a green hydrogen industry to produce clean energy both for the local market, but also for big-scale exports.

To make the country the main producer and exporter of this fuel in the world, a long term strategy is applied which includes important needs in production, transport and storage capacities: special ships, water plants,  storage systems, energy delivery to generate the production process, dispatch ports, lines, etc. At the same time, there are many short term projects which support the long term strategy. Today, many companies are looking for leading, innovative and safe suppliers that are part of the development of integral solutions for this small and medium-range industry. In some cases, it also is necessary to think about hybrid solutions to take advantage of the present renewable resources and others based on storable and distributable fuels.

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Green Hydrogen in Chile (EN, 02/2023)