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Finland - Market opportunities in digital Healthcare

Learn absolut the recent development in the Finnish healthcare system, with increasing digitalisation and several test beds for pilot projects.

Finland has a universal healthcare system that guarantees adequate social, health and medical services for everyone residing in the country. In recent decades, Finland has moved rapidly towards digitalization and eHealth solutions, ranking among the highest in European countries for health IT deployment. Find more information on business opportunities for Swiss companies in the Finnish eHealth in our factsheet below.

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The existing healthcare IT infrastructure in Finland is well-developed, with a digital maturity DESI score of 67. Nation-wide healthcare information management systems consist of an electronic patient record system for healthcare professionals, and citizen access to individual health data, both available in the Kanta services. The capital area recently also introduced Apotti, a globally pioneering electronic social and health care record that combines data from social and health care into a single, unified record. Identification in Finnish IT services uses BankID or mobile identification.

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Finland Market opportunities in Healthcare