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Partner content: the South Africa healthcare and Medtech landscape

Get a snapshot of South Africa's healthcare system

With the passing of the National Health Insurance Bill, South Africa has seen a policy shift that raises questions, but also offers opportunities to be explored. Download our factsheet to learn more about the healthcare system and the Medtech market in South Africa.

Medtech South Africa
South African Healthcare and Medtech Landscape (EN, 06/2023)

Medtech in the public and the private healthcare in South Africa

South Africa, with a population of around 60 million, is ranked as the the most unequal country in the world and faces various healthcare challenges. The healthcare system in South Africa consists of two parallel sectors: the public and private healthcare sectors. Each sector presents different challenges and opportunities for Swiss companies interested in the South African Medtech market. Understanding the dynamics of both the public and private healthcare systems is crucial for succeeding in this market.

Socio-economic environment for Medtech sector 

The factsheet provides an overview of the socio-economic environment in South Africa and details the two parallel healthcare systems. It also includes information about recent policy developments, such as the adoption of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill, which was passed by Parliament on 12 June 2023. The implementation of the NHI is planned to commence in 2026 and aims to improve affordable healthcare for all South Africans, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions.

Medtech regulation

The factsheet also touches on South Africa's medtech regulation and the country's medical technology market in terms of imports. Approximately 90% of all medical technology used in South Africa is imported. To learn more about the South African Medtech landscape download the factsheet compiled by PwC South Africa. 

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