Marsh’s Political Risk Map 2017: Switzerland considered fully stable

According to the "Political Risk Map 2017" of Marsh, a global risk management company, Switzerland appears among the only three countries that are considered fully stable in today’s world.

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Security and Trust

The US presidential election, the UK’s Brexit vote, ongoing terrorism threats, the emerging of nationalist tendencies: All of these recent developments have the potential to amplify geopolitical risks in 2017, according to a statement of Marsh.

The company’s "Political Risk Map 2017" presents a global view of issues that multinational organizations and investors are facing. It draws on data and insight from BMI Research, a leading source of risk analysis. Its Country Risk Index (CRI) is an average of the following risk components:

  • sudden changes in the political environment

  • an economic crisis

  • operational risks in the labor market, trade and investment, logistics, or crime and security.

According to Marsh’s map, Switzerland is, along with Norway and Sweden, one of the only three countries considered fully stable.

The stable political situation of Switzerland guarantees a high degree of dependability for business and practical decisions that are well supported by the population.

Reliable Governance

Switzerland’s federal structures create strong links between government, business, and civil society. The multilingual country is situated in the heart of Europe, not just geographically but at the intersection of different cultures and is an important transport hub between north and south, east and west.

Liberal Labor Market

Swiss employment law is very liberal and the labor market is subject to very few regulations. There is an active social partnership between employers and trade unions, conflicts being resolved around the negotiating table.

Sound Financial and Capital Market

Switzerland is among the countries with the highest purchasing power in the world. Prices change so moderately that the Swiss franc has become one of the most sought-after currencies for reserve and diversification purposes. Geneva and Zurich are two of the most important financial centers in the world – a success due to a stable framework.

Attractive Taxes

Switzerland’s federal tax system is a model of success, with taxes being set and levied by the federal government, cantons, and municipalities. The most attractive cantons in tax terms are international leaders in terms of both corporate taxes and the tax imposed on highly skilled workers.

Easy Start-Up Process

Companies and individuals can set up a new business quickly and easily. International founders are very welcome and enjoy wide-ranging support.

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