Simedis brings innovation into the operating room

The St.Gallen start-up Simedis develops simulators for the operating room. The devices increase patient safety and reduce medical training, and could one day be able to portray the organs of each patient in a fully automated manner.

Simedis brings innovation into the operating room

In the future, the operation simulators from Simedis will be used in a variety of procedures in all minimally invasive and interventional specialist areas, according to an article in the Liechtenstein newspaper Wirtschaft Regional. For now, however, the start-up is still in the project development stage and is working with international medtech companies to test which procedures are of greatest interest for the simulators. The medtech companies deliver the instruments to Simedis, which the St.Gallen-based start-up then uses to manufacture its simulators.

Simedis plans to begin distributing its simulators at the end of 2017, which it will sell to doctors, hospitals and universities all over the world, reports Wirtschaft Regional. Within the next five years, Simedis also plans to develop a software that will make it possible to portray the organs of patients in a accurately reproduced, fully automated manner. This will enable operations to be simulated one-to-one, allowing doctors to better assess the instruments needed.

In addition to developing software, Simedis is also working towards having its simulators certified. Prospective doctors could then conduct operations on Simedis devices and have them counted as training hours. “This would make surgical training shorter and more efficient, and contribute to increased patient safety,” said Matijas Cosic, co-founder and CEO of Simedis.

Simedis was founded in 2014 and is located in St.Gallen. Cosic has no plans of moving away as the start-up especially appreciates the cooperation with the St.Gallen Cantonal Hospital. “The support of the hospital was noticeable from the very beginning. It has provided considerable support to our project, and we want to continue to our collaboration with it,” said Cosic.

Simedis was recently nominated for the start-up prize Startfeld Diamant, which will be awarded this year for the sixth time by the St.Galler Kantonalbank and Startfed.