Trade Points

Trade Points are the official representatives of Switzerland Global Enterprise in 5 "up-and-coming" target markets around the world and – just like the Swiss Business Hubs – are part of the Global Network.

Trade Points

Markets with growing significance for the international Swiss economy, which Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) is gradually building up, will be handled in close cooperation with the local diplomatic representations. They bear the description of Trade Point and are – just like the Swiss Business Hubs – part of the global network of Switzerland Global Enterprise. 

The Trade Points are integrated into the economic departments of Swiss embassies. For this reason, the Trade Points team is also responsible for certain representative functions in the context of embassy activities. Thanks to their official status, all Trade Points have the best possible contacts abroad.

The Trade Points play a special role in the export promotion activities in five specially defined regions and countries. They take responsibility for a network of experts and provide local knowledge to Swiss SMEs willing to export. Trade Points are especially committed to fulfilling the service agreement for export promotion.Synergies for the location promotion service agreement are used wherever possible. Switzerland Global Enterprise operates a Trade Point in the following markets: Australia, Kazakhstan, Nordic European countries, Nigeria and Chile.

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