Every second car drives with Dätwyler expertise

Dätwyler is turning to its new automotive production concept – Lean and Clean – in an effort to increase its competitiveness in the market for automotive components.

In the FirstLine production the elastomeric components are manufactured in clean room conditions. Image Credit: Dätwyler
In the FirstLine production the elastomeric components are manufactured in clean room conditions. Image Credit: Dätwyler

From a single wire to a rubber factory in Altdorf, Dätwyler has grown into a global industrial group. Over the years, the company has entered the automotive and pharmaceutical sectors, and even the mail order business with electronic components. The industrial group has particular expertise in sealing technology (‘sealing solutions’) and electronic distribution (‘technical components’).

According to an article in the magazine Made in Uri, companies such as Nestlé rely on Dätwyler’s precision. For example, every Nespresso coffee capsule is said to contain expert knowledge from the canton of Uri – or every Stihl chainsaw.

Suppliers such as Dätwyler are increasingly becoming solutions partners to the industrial sector. For example, elastomer parts from Dätwyler are used in SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems to help diesel vehicles comply with statutory emission limits. Dätwyler also develops elastomer components for braking systems, leading the company to claim that every second car in the world now uses a Dätwyler product.

To help it secure its role as a leader in the automotive market segment, Dätwyler is turning to its new Lean and Clean production concept in Schattdorf in the canton of Uri, where high-quality automotive components are produced in a special production environment with specific cleanliness standards.

“Precision, quality and the highest cleanliness standards in the fully automated production process are key to continuing our role as a leader in the market,” said Orhan Ibisi, Sales Engineer Automotive.

Alongside its production concept, Dätwyler is also strengthening its position with skilled specialists.  The company operates an efficient talent management system and internal training programme to promote young management, which also motivates employees to stay with the company longer.

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