SFS receives award

Bosch has named SFS one of its best and most reliable suppliers. The fastenings technology specialist was awarded the Crazy for SuCCess award for its performance.

Image Credit: SFS
Image Credit: SFS

Bosch gave the Crazy for SuCCess award to six of the more than 1,000 suppliers it does business with in its Chassis Systems Control Division. Each was recognised as a “most valuable and loyal supplier”, according to a statement from SFS. The fastenings and precision components manufacturer from the St.GallenBodenseeArea received the award for the second time.

SFS supplies Bosch with ready-to-fit components for different systems. These components meet demanding technical specifications and are produced in high quantities at competitive prices. SFS also cited “tireless efforts to innovate and optimize” and its “global production platform” as reasons for the honour.  

During the award ceremony, SFS informed Bosch managers about its latest innovative developments and SFS CEO Jens Breu participated in a panel discussion on innovation, technology and agility.

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