Why Switzerland


The numbers speak for themselves: Switzerland has achieved top rankings in international location rankings for years. Its strengths include above all the high innovation capability and availability of highly qualified talent, an efficient and stable infrastructure as well as an excellent education system with renowned universities.


#1 most innovative country in the world (Global Innovation Index 2019, INSEAD/WIPO)
#1 most attractive country for global talent (Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2019, INSEAD)
#1 favorite country for expats (Expat Explorer Survey 2019, HSBC)
#1 number of patent registrations per capita (Annual Report 2019, EPO)
#1 most resilient business environment in the world (Change Readiness Index 2019, KPMG)
#1 most cosmopolitan economy (KOF Globalization Index 2019, ETH)
#2 strongest nation brand in the world (Nation Brands 2019, Brand Finance)
#3 most resilient der Welt (Global Resilience Index 2019, FM)
#3 most politically stable country in the world (Competitiveness Report 2019, IMD)
#4 most competitive country in the world (Competitiveness Report 2019, IMD)
#4 highest economic freedom (Economic Freedom Report 2019, Fraser Institute)
#5 most digitally competitive country in the world (World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2019, IMD)



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