Denis Berger: "There is a strong potential for developing smart cities in France"

The Lausanne-based start-up Olympe SA develops software to reduce the use of resources and improve people's quality of life. The company sees great market potential in Germany and France, says business development chief Denis Berger in the interview.

Denis Berger, Chief of Business Development at Lausanne-based start-up Olympe SA
Denis Berger, Chief of Business Development at Lausanne-based start-up Olympe SA

Mr. Berger, the idea behind smart cities is to use fewer resources and create a better quality of life for people thanks to modern digital technologies. Why is this concept interesting for Olympe SA?
First and foremost, we believe that we must do better with less when it comes to natural resources. Technology is a catalyst for people’s creativity. It empowers society to tackle sustainability challenges in new ways. However, a solution won't be sustainable if not taking our quality of life into account, as it will just be unimplementable. On the other hand, Olympe's mission goes a similar way when it comes to software development. Our vanguard technology encourages more efficient use of human and technological resources to improve the way organizations operate and deliver value.

Which smart city solutions have you already implemented or are you currently working on?
For smart cities, Olympe can facilitate the connection of multiple systems and objects exchanging a large amount of data. Our technology supported Lausanne's public transportations through a project exploring new ways to diversify their activities while reducing the carbon emissions related to the business of packages’ delivery. We are currently working with Mediatransports on a solution for interactive billboards. In line with deploying solutions for interactive information, we are also in touch directly with constructors active in the fields of passenger transportation.

Olympe SA is part of the Swiss delegation to "Smart Cities Mulhouse 2019". What motivated you to participate?
Mulhouse is a strategic choice for us as we are expanding our activities to the neighboring countries France and Germany. Also, we highly appreciated working with Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) and the Swiss Business Hub in our previous collaborations.

How do you assess the potential of the French market for smart city solutions?
There is a strong potential for the development of smart cities in France. The principal reason is that the government has set the goal to be a reference for smart cities. On the population side, most people already fully adopted various technologies in their private lives (smart living). It is, therefore, the natural course of things for them to see their cities evolving accordingly. Cities are willing to transform, and people are ready for it. It is now our duty as technology providers to come up with solutions that will help them innovate in terms of quality of life and resources optimization.

What is the reputation of Swiss solutions abroad? What is your experience?
Undeniably, our country has a reputation for producing and offering high-quality products and services. We also often travel with a seal of trust when being part of a Swiss Delegation.

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