Dätwyler tests intelligent production

The industrial group Dätwyler is testing a digitization solution for the production process at its factory in Greater Zurich. Other companies can also view the prototype and use it for their own sector.

Datwyler extrusion line for manufaxturing rubber profiles.
Datwyler extrusion line for manufaxturing rubber profiles. Image Credit: Datwyler

Dätwyler has developed a prototype together with Swisscom that aims to contribute to digitization of production. According to an article from the company, this is based on technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and edge and cloud computing in order to collect and transmit data.

According to the information provided, business-critical data is processed locally in a micro data center. Non-critical data is sent to the cloud. Dätwyler explains in the article that data is only useful if it is used in context. This means it must be compared with target values, for instance.

The prototype is able to replace the elaborate measurement system for the use of sheath materials in cable production at Dätwyler’s factory, for example. Using onboard data from equipment, a gateway and intelligent data processing, usage can now be followed in real-time. This allows plant operators to observe tolerances more accurately and to maintain Dätwyler’s high standard of quality while optimizing costs.

The information provided states that interested companies and partners of Dätwyler can view the intelligent infrastructure solution in real time. This should help with understanding how the solution can also be used in other industries.

Dätwyler is headquartered in Altdorf and is a supplier of elastomer components. These are used in the health sector, in the areas of mobility, oil and gas, and in the food industry.

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