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Switzerland Global Enterprise supports Swiss SMEs in their international business. Here you will learn more about our clients, their exports, and their advice and tips for other SMEs and startups.

Read up on what our clients and members think of us (“Testimonials”). Every month, we portray a different member of our association (“Member of the Month”), who talks about their export challenges, and how S-GE was able to help. Last but not least, we regularly present “Success Stories” from SMEs who are holding their own in international business.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Success stories

Medgate: On an international expansion course with telemedicine

Medgate AG
Since its establishment in 1999, Medgate has become the best-known and most reliable telemedicine brand in Switzerland. Now it is time to open up...
Success stories

New business contacts thanks to virtual fair attendance

Radar à bruit
Securaxis has developed a revolutionary technology for measuring and analyzing traffic noise. Because the Geneva-based company's products are rat...
Success stories

Opening a new branch in Valencia – in the middle of the pandemic

Team phios
The Liechtenstein-based software company phios AG values decentralized growth. Establishing new locations abroad is a way to both strengthen soft...
Focus on exporters

Internet of Water - how Droople is working towards a more sustainable world

Ramzi Bouzerda, Co-Founder and CEO at Droople
Based in western Switzerland, the company Droople offers a unique IoT monitoring solution for the last mile of the water network. This allows mai...
Success stories

Almatech signs a unique partnership in Tokyo with a Japanese naval consortium

Almatech SA is a Swiss high-tech company based at the EPFL Innovation Park campus that provides innovative engineering equipment and services for...
Success stories

«The result was not just satisfactory, it exceeded our expectations»

étudiantes coréennes
BSL Business School Lausanne SA offers courses in business administration. In particular, it offers a Big Data MBA program organized in partnersh...
Success stories

Xsensio: the Lausanne start-up gambled on going global from the beginning

Esmeralda Megally and Hoel Guerin
Xsensio SA has developed the Lab-on-Skintm sensing platform, an ultra-sensitive nanolaboratory that, when placed on the skin, is capable of detec...
Success stories

Digital trade fair a resounding success for Topadur Pharma AG

Swiss startup Topadur Pharma AG successfully showcased itself at the digital edition of the BIO International Convention 2020, the substitute eve...
Member of the Month

Member of the Month

Member of the Month

"S-GE's relationships have been of great benefit to us"

Sistag AG
Sistag manufactures industrial valves and operates nationally and internationally, with headquarters in Eschenbach, Switzerland. In this intervie...
Member of the Month

“Thanks to S-GE, we were able to establish contact with potential distribution partners.”

Hydroliq AG
Hydroliq AG, based in Lucerne, is a biotechnology company producing water-based disinfection solutions. Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) ...
Member of the Month

“Thanks to S-GE, we get to talk to companies that are passionate about international growth.”

DHL Express is a longstanding member of Switzerland Global Enterprise. As an expert in international express logistics, the company can use S-GE’...
Member of the Month

“We have always seen S-GE as a pragmatic “hands-on” partner”

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) supported the company Zippsafe, an innovative and multi-award-winning ETH spin-off, with its internationaliz...
Member of the Month

«Swiss cutting-edge technology pinpoints gas leaks worldwide thanks to S-GE»

Member February Distran
S-GE (Switzerland Global Enterprise) supported the ETH spin-off Distran to get access to Poland's biggest group of Refineries resulting in confir...
Member of the Month

"Designed on the shores of Lake Geneva and available worldwide thanks to S-GE: sophisticated technology that ensures environmental sustainability"

Almatech develops solutions that benefit the environment. In addition to its main field of activity, space applications, Almatech is also develop...
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