Tomorrow's Health in Switzerland

Switzerland is a hub for the Health and Life Science industry due to a highly developed ecosystem backed by a skilled talent pool and highly supportive framework conditions: consider Switzerland when it comes to your European Headquarter.

20 percent of European Life Science companies have already chosen Switzerland as their HQ location. Are you next? Switzerland’s strategic location in the center of Europe, combined with the consolidation of the entire value chain in a single place, attracts international biotechnology firms to establish their presence here. Get in touch to learn more about the cornerstones of Switzerland's health ecosystem, rooted in strong research, the availability of specialized PhD professionals and lab technicians, and progressive regulatory conditions.

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Key Figures 2022 at a Glance. Source: Swiss Biotech Report 2023.

We have ve compiled information for your convenience, offering guidance on international expansion and selecting the ideal business location. Explore our comprehensive guide on the five essential areas: 
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Why Switzerland
Success Stories
Swiss Biotech Report

Swiss Biotech Report 2023

For more than a century, Switzerland has established and expanded its role as a leading life sciences research, development and manufacturing hub,
helping to develop new therapeutic treatments and establish new modalities and platform technologies to address global medical needs.

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How to Activate Your Network

The Swiss Biotech Association

The Swiss Biotech Association represents the interests of the Swiss biotech industry. Every new member helps to increase their impact and credibility. To support their members in a competitive market, they work to secure favorable framework conditions and facilitate access to talents, novel technologies and financial resources. At the same time, they provide platforms to connect and promote the biotech stakeholders.

Swiss Medtech

Swiss Medtech is the association of Swiss medical technology. They represent more than 750 companies. With 11.5% of Switzerland's positive trade balance, more than 67,500 employees and the most patents per inhabitant across Europe, the Swiss medical technology industry is of great economic importance. They are committed to an environment in which medical technology can deliver top performance for the benefit of first-class medical care.

Swiss Healthcare Startups

Swiss Healthcare Startups is a non profit organisation that supports innovative startups that aim to add value to the Swiss healthcare ecosystem. We support the startups by providing meaningful exposure and facilitating access to relevant stakeholders. As a neutral platform, we promote dialogue, networking and exchange throughout our ecosystem.