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S-GE Market Study: Iran Railway Report

An Introduction to the Iranian Railway Industry

The expansion and modernization of the railway infrastructure in Iran is one of the highest-priority activities. Investments of around 25 billion US dollars are to be made in the rail network over the next 10 years. 

S-GE Market Study: Iran Railway Report

A new study from Switzerland Global Enterprise provides detailed information on framework conditions, customs, challenges and chances for Swiss providers in the Iranian railway market, which is due to gain speed again after the sanctions come to an end, and thus offers attractive business opportunities.

Trains and rolling stock will be in demand above all as well as technologies and services for expanding (by 10,000 kilometers over the next ten years) and modernizing the railway network and ensuring the efficient utilization of existing infrastructures and capacities. 

Potential buyers will not only be the railway company of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its two subsidiaries for national passenger and freight transportation, but also the transportation companies of individual, large cities, where public rail infrastructures are to be developed or expanded.

However, simply having good products and services is not enough in Iran. The Islamic Republic places a great deal of importance on the adherence to rules in social and business life. In a special chapter, the study deals with “Doing Business in Iran” in a politically and otherwise correct manner: which customs and habits need considering, in order to gain the respect and trust of prospective customers in Iran, and thus access this new and, for many companies, largely unknown, but very promising market successfully. 


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