Scandit optimizes app for Samsung smartphone

Scandit has developed an app update specially for a Samsung smartphone. This will allow companies to quickly and conveniently scan barcodes and products.

Scandit has developed an app update for Samsung including optimized barcode scanning software. Image credit: Scandit
Scandit has developed an app update for Samsung including optimized barcode scanning software. Image credit: Scandit

Scandit is collaborating with Samsung. As the company from the Greater Zurich Area announced on Sunday at the world’s largest retail trade fair, the NRF in New York, it has developed an app update for the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro smartphone. According to information included in a press release, this optimized barcode scanning software makes scanning products “fast, accurate and simple, without the need to modify Android apps” for employees.

The software update also includes several optimizations to the camera control of the Galaxy XCover Pro. This should improve performance and reduce the time needed for scanning processes, even in demanding instances. For example, delivery drivers will be able to scan several packages at once. Moreover, scan-intensive inventory and shelf management tasks could be completed more rapidly.

Corporate customers will really appreciate the combination of the robust functionality of the Galaxy XCover Pro and the advanced data capture and computer vision capabilities that Scandit provides, Taher Behbehani, General Manager and Head of the Mobile B2B Business, Samsung Electronics America, explains in the press release. According to him, this produces “a powerful scanning solution that’s not only built to survive the everyday rigors of business use, but also addresses the challenging data capture situations many workers face while on the job”.

Scandit was founded in 2009 by researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) und IBM Research. The company is headquartered in Zurich, but maintains offices in Warsaw, London, Boston and San Francisco.

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