Investors impressed by flight simulator

VRM Switzerland is developing a flight simulator based on Virtual Reality. It is aimed at helping soon-to-be helicopter pilots in their training. The start-up has raised a total of 9 million Swiss francs in a financing round.

VRM Switzerland flight simulator.
Image Credit: VRM Switzerland

The Schaffhausen-based start-up VRM Switzerland is developing a training simulator for prospective helicopter pilots. The system consists of a motion simulator that tilts depending on the control input and also realistically reproduces wind influences and turbulence, while virtual reality (VR) goggles also enable the terrain to be displayed visually and simulate the controls in the cockpit. Trainee pilots can use the system regardless of weather conditions. Moreover, the development may help to reduce costs and carbon footprints in addition to improving safety.

VRM Switzerland has now managed to convince investors with its simulator. According to a press release published on, the start-up successfully closed a financing round with private investors to raise a total of 9 million Swiss francs. The fresh capital is set to be used for the commercialization of the technology, the press release explains. The company will also be seeking international certification.

In Switzerland, the simulator is already being used by the Mountainflyers flying school from Bern. Trainees are using the system for practice at the moment, although when certification is awarded, practice hours on the simulator can also be charged in full.

VRM Switzerland works with the European Aviation Safety Agency, among other organizations, to create new standards for flight simulation systems.

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