Food security in the UAE: an overview

Despite the fact that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is considered food secure due to its ability to import food from international markets, it is now prioritizing innovation-driven food security projects and investments in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the report to learn more about the current opportunities and how you can benefit from them.

Vertical Farming

Since the launch of the National Food Security Strategy 2051 in 2017, UAE rose from the 33rd place to the 21st in only two years. The strategy focuses on facilitating global food trade, diversifying sources of food imports through partnerships and enhancing sustainable local food production. The aims of the strategy are to create more than 16,000 jobs, to immensely increase agricultural production and to achieve billion dollar worth of economic returns. 

To achieve these goals, the UAE has been investing heavily in Agritech, and is shining light on the flourishing opportunities for Swiss agricultural companies and organizations to expand their businesses and activities not only in the UAE, but also across the Middle East. 

This report will touch upon the challenges that exist for the UAE in regards to local food production, as well as shed light on important developments such as what is being done to ensure food security, the current technologies, investments & projects in this sector, important exhibitions & players in this sector, and what is to be expected post Covid-19 era. 

Benefit from expert knowledge and insights in our report

Grab this opportunity to establish partnerships with UAE’s current or upcoming Agritech projects to ensure a sustainable growth of your business, and to become part of the country’s vision of becoming the world-leader in the food security sector.



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