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The newly founded organization is to offer an office administration solution to startups and small companies that will be free of charge. The aim is to support businesses in their launch phases and in digitalizing their business processes.

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Small companies and startups face great challenges when it comes to digitalizing their business processes. Their daily operations get overwhelmed by administrative work.

Now, the newly founded organization is stepping up to solve this problem. It is to offer companies a complete solution, including accounting software, CRM, an online shop, simple timekeeping and an online checkout with an invoicing function.    

The service is free of charge up to 2,100 invoices, 2,100 shop articles, 2,100 contacts and 21 users per year, according to a statement. This guarantees that no long-term costs rack up in the early phases of a business or in smaller companies.

If a user goes above these values, up to 5,000 invoices, 5,000 articles and 5,000 contacts per year will be charged at 21 Swiss francs per month. The statement highlighted that switching to a different system was possible at any time.  

Behind to date are the companies Abacus Research AGFasoon AGGlarotech GmbH and Orphis AG. More businesses are expected to join the organization in future.

Fasoon AG in Appenzell heads the management of the organization, which is financed by advertising partners. It has secured its first financial institute in the St.Galler Kantonalbank.

The initiative has been welcomed by the economy, associations and government representatives.

“I welcome any initiative that relieves Swiss SMEs and startups from administrative work and supports them in digitalization. This is the way to strengthening the Swiss economic location and securing jobs,” commented president Johann Schneider-Ammann in the statement.

Bruno Sauter, director of the canton of Zurich’s Office for Economy and Labour, sees great benefits in the launch of the free platform for startups in particular. He explained that the costs of administration were severe for such businesses.  

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