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Guida 2: L’IVA nell’e-commerce transfrontaliero

Come elaborare correttamente l’IVA quando si vendono prodotti in altri Paesi 

La nostra guida all’imposta sul valore aggiunto (IVA) è imprescindibile per i produttori svizzeri che desiderano vendere i propri prodotti a livello internazionale attraverso Internet. Scoprite le regole a cui devono attenersi i venditori e-commerce svizzeri e come affrontare le sfide legate all’IVA nel commercio transfrontaliero.


This video is designed to help Swiss SMEs understand how VAT works in the world of international e-commerce. You’ll gain an overview of the rules that apply to Swiss companies, how VAT is different in the EU and what agreements exist between Switzerland and other markets. 

Learn from VAT expert Urs Kipfer 

In an interview with Urs Kipfer, we investigate the VAT requirements SMEs need to comply with when exporting consumer goods through e-commerce platforms and webshops. Mr Kipfer has over ten years’ experience in domestic and international taxation and provides advice on all matters relating to Swiss and foreign VAT as well as customs. He explains how to get your cross-border VAT accounting and reporting right from the very start. 

More practical how-to videos and live Q&A event 

This guide is part of our international e-commerce series that is specially designed for Swiss SMEs. Watch our other on-demand videos about webshops vs e-commerce platforms and logistics solutions for shipping to the EU.  

The three-part series will be followed by a live online Q&A event during which you can ask specific questions related to your company’s goals and challenges.  


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