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Guida 4: L’e-commerce in Russia

Accedete al fiorente mercato e-commerce russo con la nostra consulenza pratica sulla logistica

Siete interessati a vendere online in Russia? In questo webinar scoprirete che fare e-commerce in Russia è più semplice di quanto possiate immaginare. Grazie alla consulenza dettagliata e all’opinione di esperti in materia di logistica, saprete esattamente da dove incominciare.


Russian e-commerce is booming, but many Swiss companies are unsure of how to enter the market. Aside from the language barrier, the number-one challenge for Swiss companies selling online in Russia is logistics: getting your products easily to Russian customers.  

Your logistical challenges solved 

S-GE has drawn on the expertise of Swiss logistics company MyCargoGate, the Russian MarketplaceGuru and the online marketplace Ozon (the ‘Russian Amazon’) to bring you key insights tailored to Swiss companies facing logistics challenges in Russia.  

You’ll understand exactly how to deliver your goods affordably and easily to Russia, along with the terms and conditions of deliveries, certification, warehousing in Switzerland, and practical advice on IT integration. You’ll also learn about the dedicated Swiss store recently launched on Ozon, and how your company can make the most of new online opportunities. 

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We will be hosting a live online Q&A event on 16 March 2022 during which you can ask specific questions related to your company’s goals and challenges. 

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