Industry Report

Unlocking global opportunities for Swiss fintech companies

A trend and regulatory analysis of eight fintech hubs

This comprehensive report of e.Foresight equips Swiss fintechs with the knowledge and insights they need to successfully navigate the dynamic global fintech landscape. With an analysis of eight strategically important hubs, including established powerhouses and emerging hubs with untapped potential, Swiss companies can gain an understanding of each market's unique characteristics, regulatory frameworks, and emerging trends.

fintech global opportunities

Interesting export markets for Swiss fintechs

This report aims to empower Swiss fintech companies to harness their international business potential in new and existing markets by analyzing eight prominent fintech hubs: Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Middle East (with a focus on Qatar and Saudi Arabia), Singapore, United Kingdom and USA. While some of these hubs are global leaders in fintech innovation (e.g., USA, Singapore), others hold less prominence but present per se attractive markets for Swiss companies (e.g., Germany). A third group of hubs, like India and Middle East, are emerging fintech hubs with a growing potential to attract foreign companies. Each hub is briefly introduced and then delved into with specific focus on relevant fintech regulations and trends.

Content of the fintech report

The general information section provides a concise overview of each hub, highlighting its key characteristics (e.g., breakdown by three main fintech segments, number of fintech companies and inhabitants).

The regulatory section outlines the relevant regulatory bodies for each hub, with specific reference to regulations that may significantly impact fintech operations. While this report provides a brief overview of regulations, more detailed information can be obtained on demand.  

The heart of the fintech factsheets lies in the trend analysis. Swiss fintech companies are provided with insights into emerging developments shaping the future of fintech. While the majority of current fintech trends (e.g., sustainable finance, artificial intelligence in finance, crypto finance, embedded finance) are relevant to all hubs, this report focuses on three key trends per hub that are particularly pertinent to that specific market.

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