Geobrugg opens new testing facility

Protection systems manufacturer Geobrugg thoroughly tests all its products in its testing laboratory. It has now opened a new facility for testing tensile strength.

Testing facility
(Image credit: Geobrugg)

Geobrugg manufactures a wide variety of protection systems, such as barriers and nets to protect against rockslides, slope protection systems and avalanche protection. Its nets, meshes and system components are all rigorously tested in the testing laboratory of the St.GallenBodenseeArea manufacturer. As some of these systems have to stop large boulders, tensile strength is an especially important aspect to test.

According to a Geobrugg statement, the company has now opened a new testing facility with 300 tonnes of tractive power. The facility complements its other testing laboratories, where Geobrugg products are tested with respect to corrosion or processing quality.

Thanks to extensive R&D work, Geobrugg safety nets are now so far advanced that they are capable of stopping boulders weighing 20 kilograms, even if they hit at a speed of 100 kilometres per hour.

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