Nüssli builds arena for Gstaad tennis tournament

Nüssli, a global provider of temporary structures for events, has erected the stadium for Swiss Open Gstaad. The temporary stadium has already hosted two other sporting events.

Beachvolley Gstaad
(Image credit: GstaadTourismus/Wikimedia Commons)

The male tennis players competed for the Swiss Open Gstaad title until Sunday in the stadium built by Nüssli. The company from the St.GallenBodenseeArea created the temporary structure with 4,000 seats and all the necessary infrastructure for a variety of sporting events, according to a statement.

Before the tennis players lined up their first serves, the stadium had already hosted beach volleyball players, who participated in the Beach Volleyball Major Series tournament from 10 to 15 July.  

Nüssli’s assembly crew then quickly transformed the structure into a tennis stadium, replacing the sand, swapping the benches for individual seats and installing VIP boxes and camera platforms. The female tennis players then took to the court for the one-week Ladies Championship Gstaad, before Swiss Open Gstaad started last weekend.

Nüssli specialises in temporary structures, taking care of the planning, realization, management and deconstruction of projects. The company dates back more than 75 years to 1941, when Heini Nüssli founded a craft workshop, and has since become internationally active. It has 450 employees and more than 20 sites worldwide, where it realizes around 2,000 projects every year.  

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