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Qatar: Business opportunities in the Food sector

Since 2017, Qatar has faced a difficult situation due to the measures applied by its neighbours. The situation requires the state to take the essential actions to ensure the reserves of basic food. Many foreign companies in the food sector and the food industries seized the opportunity to export their products not only in the food sector but also in food machinery in order to enforce its presence within a market where the food consumption rate is considered the highest among GCC countries.

view of a supermarket

Despite the actual situation, the economy of Qatar is performing better than expected. According to the international monetary fund the Qatar economy is expected to post an average GDP growth 2.6 % before rising to 3 % in 2019. The Qatar economy depends in the food sector on 90% imports. Qatar has found alternatives to diversify suppliers and boost the local production by financing food industries and promoting the local products. Local companies started importing vast quantities of raw products into Qatar to use it in their production line to make items for the consumer market.

International suppliers for the local market

Local distributors were facing a big challenge while being able to provide new products for the local market. Many international suppliers and economic organisations have approached local distributors in order to present their products. In the food sector it has become crucial to keep importing foods from different countries to be able to maintain the same rate of consumption. Also, the diversity of international brands and products is a testimony to motivate consumers to taste and discover a wide range of products.

Opportunities for Swiss SMEs in the food sector

Based on the information stated above, Qatar provides various interesting opportunities within the food industry. Swiss companies should not only think about exporting their food products but also machines for food production, as the number of food manufacturers has increased.

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