Bossard strengthens competency in 3D printing

The Bossard Group is working to establish itself in the future market of 3D printing. As part of this strategic orientation, it has acquired a stake in 3d-prototyp GmbH in Stans, a specialist in the additive manufacturing of complex plastic parts and models.

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(Image credit: Pixabay/3dman_eu)

According to a press release from Bossard, the acquisition of a stake in 3d-prototyp is part of its long-term strategy to “establish itself in the future market of 3D printing”. The manufacturer of complex plastic parts and models from Nidwalden will enhance the expertise of Bossard in the “additive manufacturing of plastic applications”.

Bossard highlights that 3d-prototyp “has competency across the entire design process”. Complex parts are first designed as a draft and via 3D visualisation, before being manufactured as 3D plastic models.

Bossard is confident that the technology of 3D printing will become ever-more important in various areas of manufacturing, especially for parts where weight reduction plays a significant role. The company also believes that 3D printing has a bright future in the manufacture of prototypes and “components with complex geometries”.

As a competence centre, Bossard “wants to support customers from the design phase all the way to the production of parts and to advise them on the selection of equipment and associated manufacturing technologies”. To this end, it intends to make further targeted investments in the expansion of design and engineering. 

Bossard has initially acquired a 49 per cent stake in 3d-prototyp GmbH and the Zug-based specialist for screws and logistics systems plans to increase this share to 100 per cent within the next three years. 

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