Swiss Guard helmets are printed in Stans

The Pontifical Swiss Guard in Rome is to receive new helmets. These are made from the Stans-based company 3d-prototyp with a 3D printer. The first helmets are now going to be delivered.

Image Credit: Alberto Luccaroni,Wikimedia, Creative Commons
Image Credit: Alberto Luccaroni,Wikimedia, Creative Commons

The firm 3d-prototyp no longer manufactures its new helmets from metal, and instead it uses ASA plastic. The anti-scratch and UV-resistant material is supposed to be much lighter and more comfortable to wear compared to its precursor. The helmets are produced using 3D technology. To make one of the new helmets, the standard model is first read with a 3D scanner.

The Swiss Guard in Rome has ordered 120 new helmets from 3D-Prototyp. The majority of the helmets will be delivered on 22 January, according to The cost of a printed version is between 900 and 1000 Swiss francs, according to the portal. Therefore, the production of the new helmets is cheaper than that of their predecessors. Moreover, the production time will be cut from around 100 hours to approximately 14 hours. The previous helmets were still made by hand.

Sponsors such as private individuals, companies and other institutions have contributed to financing the helmets. Anyone who sponsors a helmet will be immortalised in the helmet with their name.

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