Denmark Country information

Denmark is an open economy and is aiming to strengthen the pioneering role it plays in European digitization. Innovative Swiss providers of digital services can benefit from this.

Denmark Country information

With its open economy and competitive, innovative companies, Denmark's economic structure is very similar to that of Switzerland. Swiss exporters are already benefiting from this favorable economic environment, with the most significant Swiss export goods being pharmaceutical products and machines.

There is great potential for Swiss companies in the area of digitization, and Denmark is Europe’s pioneer in this respect, ranking top of the European Union’s digitization index in 2017. Digital applications and services are already ubiquitous in the public sector, as well as in the areas of health and finance.

The Danish market offers good prospects for innovative Swiss providers of digital services, but it is important to remember that there is strong native competition. Only those who manage to find a niche for their product can establish a stable market position in Denmark.

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