Iceland Country information

There are more sheep living in Nordic Iceland than there are people. However, anyone who thinks that the remote island state is lagging behind in terms of technology should think again: Iceland is one of the most technologically advanced nations in Europe.

Iceland Country information

With approximately 300,000 inhabitants, Iceland has one of the smallest populations in Europe. The country has now largely recovered from the severe economic crisis of 2008, and the Icelandic economy is once again demonstrating solid growth.

One distinguishing feature of the sparsely populated island state is its very well-developed telecommunications infrastructure: in no other European country are more households connected to the internet and almost all Icelanders use the high-speed variety.

It's no surprise, then, that technology-intensive service industries, such as the software industry, have grown significantly in recent years. Swiss exporters should not be deterred by the small Icelandic domestic market. They can benefit from good sales opportunities, for example in the ICT sector.

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