Norway Country information

Oil has made the once-poor Norway rich, but at the same time economically dependent. The government of the Scandinavian country wants to change this: it plans to boost research-intensive industries and make significant investments in infrastructure and digitization.

Norway Country information

Norway is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of per capita income. The Scandinavian nation owes this fact to its wealth of resources, particularly its rich offshore oil deposits. In view of the oil price collapse, Norway wants to reduce its dependence on the oil sector and diversify its economy more broadly.

Research-intensive industries in particular will receive more support, and the government in Oslo plans to invest considerable sums of money in expanding its road and rail network over the next few years. Digitization, in which the country already plays a pioneering role, is also expected to generate considerable investment.

This large amount of capital spending offers Swiss companies interesting cooperation opportunities.

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