Stadler secures major contract in Wales

Wales & Borders Rail Services has awarded Stadler a contract for the delivery of 71 trains in total. An order was placed for FLIRT and CITYLINK series trains. It is already the seventh major UK contract secured by Stadler.

Image Credit: Stadler Rail
Image Credit: Stadler Rail

The major contract awarded by Wales & Borders Rail Services involves the delivery of 36 three-car CITYLINK tram-trains and 35 Fast Light Intercity and Regional Trains (FLIRT), according to a press release from Stadler. However, it did not contain any concrete figures on the value of the contract. Ralf Warwel, Sales Director UK at Stadler, comments in the press release: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to deliver 71 trains for Wales & Borders. This will serve to further strengthen Stadler’s presence in the UK.” This major contract for Wales is already the seventh that Stadler, the Thurgau-based manufacturers of rolling stock vehicles, has managed to secure in the UK.

The CITYLINK tram-trains ordered by Wales & Borders Rail Services will be powered by 25 kilovolts AC in addition to battery power. Just under one third of the FLIRT trains ordered will operate on a diesel-electric basis, while a further 24 trains will be battery-powered. These trains are to be used for the non-electrified stretch of track situated to the south of Cardiff. Kevin Thomas, CEO at Transport for Wales Rail Service, states in the press release: “It is exciting that trams are to return to Cardiff after an absence of more than 70 years. The new trimodal Stadler trains will provide an efficient and cost-effective form of electric and battery-powered transport.”

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