HRS intending to create new jobs in Kreuzlingen

HRS Investment AG has bought up a large portion of the area occupied by GDELS-Mowag in Kreuzlingen. The company wants to attract manufacturing and industrial firms to set up operations here and create new jobs in the process.

Generic image Kreuzlingen
Kreuzlingen. Generic image credit: Wikimedia Commons

HRS Investment AG, based in Frauenfeld, has acquired an area of 24,500 square meters from General Dynamics European Land System (GDELS-Mowag), as explained in a press release. This is a large portion of the area located south of Unterseestrasse in Kreuzlingen. The area is home to a total of ten manufacturing and commercial halls, all of which are ready for operation.

HRS Investment AG is intending to attract new companies to set up operations and create new jobs in this area, with the aim of establishing something "similar to a commercial and industrial park". To this end, the possibilities offered by this area in the St.GallenBodenseeArea should also have been proactively promoted. While GDELS-Mowag took the decision to partly shift vehicle production to Tägerwilen TG, various plots and halls will still be rented out on this area. Moreover, GDELS-Mowag suppliers are showing interest in renting out sections of this area.

As explained by HRS in the press release, the plot contains “large-scale infrastructure that has been properly divided up, is immediately ready for use for commercial and industrial operations and which is attractive from a price-performance ratio perspective”. The company is therefore convinced that “additional firms from the machinery and metal sectors as well as other commercial and industrial industries can be found that would like to set up operations at this location”.

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