PC-24 now able to land on rough fields

The PC-24 developed by the Nidwalden-based aircraft manufacturer Pilatus has been certified for take-offs and landings on rough fields. According to the company, this makes the aircraft the most flexible business jet in the world.

The PC-24 is now able to land on rough fields. Image Credit: Pilatus


Pilatus has obtained full rough field certification for the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet. Back in 2018, the aircraft was certified for take-offs and landings on dry sand and gravel. Now, however, the PC-24 has been cleared for operations on wet and snow-covered rough fields. According to Pilatus, the PC-24 is now more flexible than any other business jet. It may land at and take off from nearly twice as many airports or air fields than any other business jet available on the market.

The PC-24 is used by the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and additional operators in North America and Africa that operate via rough field runways. The Super Versatile Jet is, however, also used by charter operators, listed companies as well as private individuals and authorities. In addition, Pilatus developed new furnishing options for the interior of the aircraft based on the feedback received from customers last year

Pilatus was founded in 1939 in Stans. According to information from the company itself, Pilatus is the only Swiss firm that develops, constructs and sells aircraft on all continents.  With more than 2,000 employees working at its headquarters, Pilatus ranks as one of the largest employers in Central Switzerland.

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