Digital Export Platform: GoGlobal Cockpit

Our newly developed analysis platform is ready for you: Our GoGlobal Cockpit is personalized to your products, helps you to analyze relevant markets and to initiate the right steps towards international business - exclusively for Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs.

The GoGlobal Cockpit offers you:

  • relevant content, figures, and customs arrangements, focusing on your goods based on customs tariff numbers and preferred target countries
  • an uncomplicated, autonomous evaluation of export opportunities to 41 countries
  • a guide, customized for your product and target country, on how you might proceed with exports
  • a specialized consultant from S-GE for more in-depth questions, there for you
Set up

Set up your own personal cockpit

Have your productscustoms tariff numbers ready and register easily. You can then compare countries with export potential, get specific recommendations for action, and save the information of relevance for you. The tool is free and you do not enter into any obligations.

How it works

How it works

Find attractive markets for your products

Based on your information, you will get analyses of the import volume for your product to individual export markets. You will receive suggestions of which markets might be particularly attractive for you.

Benefit from independent information

You will receive detailed up-to-date and independent information on individual countries, supplemented by the expert opinions of our specialists worldwide.

Display and share checklist with export procedures

Using thepractical export assistanceyou will discover how you can correctly tackle export proceduresdownload the checklist or share it by email. Customized for your product and target country.

Check customs arrangements

Thanks to the integrated customs database, you can see details of customs arrangements and trade agreements that apply for your product to specific target countries.

Registration is simple and cost-free

You register just once and indicate the sector in which you work. In the product search, you can choose the products that you wish to export, to ensure that the data displayed is of relevance to you.



If you have not yet decided on a country, do you wish to assess new market opportunities alongside an S-GE consultant in the GoGlobal Cockpit?
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If you already know which country you are interested in, would you like a specialized consultant to assist you in the GoGlobal Cockpit?
Contact consultant and get assistance

Do you have feedback or technical questions relating to the GoGlobal Cockpit?
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