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What you need to know about the Irish Healthcare Sector

Opportunities for Swiss companies: the Ireland Report on the Healthcare Sector

Ireland shows true commitment to public healthcare with the majority of its population entitled to free medical care. Yet this brings about many challenges in all aspects of demand, logistics, and healthcare delivery. The Irish are in need of a more innovative and efficient healthcare system and are open to new solutions. Swiss and Irish stakeholders are therefore well positioned to create opportunities by establishing collaborations and synergies.


This report, written by OpenVentures Consulting, and commissioned by the Swiss Business Hub UK + Ireland, paints a picture of the Irish healthcare system by looking at needs and trends for the sector, ultimately identifying business opportunities for Swiss companies in the Irish market.

 The 2020 Ireland Study covers the following topics:

-    The market: opportunities and challenges
-    The system: functioning of hospitals
-    The impact of Covid-19
-    Spending
-    Procurement
-    Distribution
-    Adoption of innovation

The report identifies entry points for Swiss companies, particularly ones developing highly innovative data and artificial intelligence solutions that can help with data collection and analysis as well as remote patient monitoring. Particularly e-health, with solutions such as wearables for self or distance monitoring, are useful to support patients outside of hospitals, thus avoiding overcrowding and allowing for smoother and more efficient healthcare delivery.

As we transition from a traditional way of doing healthcare, we move into the informational age, where data, community networks and self-care replace more primitive care. Ireland is not only witnessing this change, but is also in the need for it as the Covid-19 pandemic has brought further demand for alternative ways to deliver healthcare. Undoubtedly challenge also means opportunity.